• 14Aug

    Life has been crazy and hectic of late, but there has been a bit of knitting going on behind the scenes.  I am proud to say that I finished my July socks just under the wire with only three days to spare.  Whew!  I chose to knit the Kai-Mei pattern again [ravelry link] because I liked my April socks so well.  The yarn colors this month are a bit out of my normal wardrobe comfort zone, but they were so cheerful and summery I could not pass them up!  Also, I am meticulous obsessive freakish and made sure the stripes matched.  🙂

    Pattern: Kai-Mei from Sock Innovation by Cookie A
    Yarn: Zitron Trekking, color 1000
    Needles: Size 0 DPN

    For my August socks, I’m finishing up a pair that has been languishing since May.  I do not have any in-progress pictures, but I finished up the first one a couple of nights ago and am starting the second sock.  The yarn is Yarn Chef’s Minestrone in Yucca – and it’s self-striping to boot! The stripes on these will also match…at least I hope they will.

  • 05Aug
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    I’m still here and still alive…just too busy lately to stop in for a post.  Earlier this month I was loving the cool autum feeling of our weather this summer.  Now we are back to St. Louis standard summer weather: hot, humid, and sticky.  It’s perfect weather for knitting in the air conditioning and dreaming of crisp autumn air.   I recieved the new fall IK in the mail last week and several items caught my eye.  I raided my stash and found some yarn I had been hoarding for years: Classic Elite Renaissance in a lovely mottled blue/green shade.  I should have just enough to make the Slanting Gretel Tee.  If not, I may require professional help and/or institutionalization.

    I cast on Saturday while helping my husband set up a computer lab at work.  We were there until after 10 p.m.  It was a very long day, and went something like this: Knit a few stitches, get up push buttons on several computers, wait and knit a bit, repeat…  I knit a gauge swatch before I started, I promise!  I got gauge on the first try, so I merrily cast on and began knitting.  27 rows later I decided to check my gauge, just to be sure.  I was not even close.  The sweater was 9″ larger in circumference than it was supposed to be.  I put the sweater away.  Sunday afternoon I ripped the whole sweater out.  Monday I began again with smaller needles.  So far, so good.  I do love the color of this yarn, although it is difficult to photograph.  (Please excuse my photography, btw…my camera is not working and I’m having to rely on my phone’s camera instead.)

    So…what’s on your needles?

  • 01Jul
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    Life at our house has been crazy of late, leaving little time for blogging.  Today I am trying to take time to catch up on things I’ve neglected.  There has been knitting behind the scenes.  The shawl I meant to wear to my brother’s wedding is nearly finished.  I did not wear it to the wedding after all.  A week before the wedding, I tried on the dress I was planning to wear.  I had only worn it once and was looking forward to wearing it again…such a gorgeous dress!  However, I discovered the dress was now several sizes too big!  I lost some weight over the past year and never stopped to consider that the dress might not fit.  So, in a fit of shopping frenzy, I looked madly for a new dress.  (Anyone else have trouble finding clothes for small sized petites?)  I found one in the nick of time, but  since the shawl I was knitting did not match, I tossed the project aside.

    I am keeping up with my 12 Pairs in 12 Months sock challenge.  I finished my June socks on Monday.  I did footy socks, which means I had to knit two pairs to get credit.  Today, in a fit of inspiration, I got an idea for a sock pattern.  I charted a pattern, jotted down notes, then promptly cast on.  Details will be forthcoming when I actually have a knitted sock to show.  I am also planning baby knits…my little sister is having a girl!

    Today is also Benjamin & I’s 9th anniversary!!!  It is still hard for me to believe we have been married for nine years.  He is still my best friend and my favorite person to spend time with.  Our plans for tonight include dinner and a quiet evening at home.  We were at a gathering last night, and are spending time with family and friends the rest of the week, so an evening in sounds like a nice respite.

  • 11May
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    The wedding shawl is still progressing, slowly but surely.  I AM going to finish it before the wedding – I still have a few weeks!  Last week I was distracted when some gorgeous hand dyed superwash merino roving arrived in the mail.  Have I mentioned that green is a favorite color of mine?

    I immediately began to separate and pre-draft the super soft fiber.  And then I began to spin. I love seeing the way the colors build on my spindle.

    My goal is to turn this roving into a 2-ply sock yarn so I can have a pair of gloriously green socks.

  • 01May
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    My current WIP is a lace shawl knit with gorgeous 100% silk dyed by Katy, the lovely Yarn Chef.  The color is the palest shade of blush that will nicely compliment the dress I’m wearing to my brother’s wedding in just a few short weeks.

    Yarn: Yarn Chef’s Spun Sugar in Porcelain, 100% silk.

    Pattern: Gail (aka Nightsongs) [ravelry]