• 14Aug

    Life has been crazy and hectic of late, but there has been a bit of knitting going on behind the scenes.  I am proud to say that I finished my July socks just under the wire with only three days to spare.  Whew!  I chose to knit the Kai-Mei pattern again [ravelry link] because I liked my April socks so well.  The yarn colors this month are a bit out of my normal wardrobe comfort zone, but they were so cheerful and summery I could not pass them up!  Also, I am meticulous obsessive freakish and made sure the stripes matched.  🙂

    Pattern: Kai-Mei from Sock Innovation by Cookie A
    Yarn: Zitron Trekking, color 1000
    Needles: Size 0 DPN

    For my August socks, I’m finishing up a pair that has been languishing since May.  I do not have any in-progress pictures, but I finished up the first one a couple of nights ago and am starting the second sock.  The yarn is Yarn Chef’s Minestrone in Yucca – and it’s self-striping to boot! The stripes on these will also match…at least I hope they will.

  • 24Apr

    So far I am doing well in the 12 Pairs in 12 Months sock challenge issued by my LYS.  My April socks are finished and the May pair has already been cast on.  I am loving the April socks and wishing it was not too warm to wear them, but I am glad that our spring has finally turned warm all at once.  The yarn is a cheerful springy green, like the colors of new leaves unfurling in the breeze.

    Pattern: Kai-Mei from Sock Innovation by Cookie A.  [ravelry] This pattern is brilliantly written, and fairly simple to knit.  I am toying with the idea of knitting another version and substituting a different pattern into the lace panel.

    Yarn: Yarn Chef Minestrone in Sedum.  Mmmm…like butter.  I love the way she dyes yarn, but really I only have a slight addiction.

  • 01Apr

    failed socks

    My March socks were less than a success.  I ended up with two wildly different sizes of socks.  Same pattern (Coming Up Roses – ravelry),  same yarn (Bambino – merino/bamboo/nylon), same needles (size 0 circs).  Same knitter.  I can only suppose that I had tension issues.  Or maybe it was the bamboo in the yarn.  Yes, that’s it, I’ll blame the bamboo.  One sock fits, the other does not…I suppose they could come in handy if I ever injure my foot and it becomes severely swollen.  I think I’ve decided to give up knitting.  It is rather depressing to spend time, energy, and money on something and not have it turn out.  And I’ve become rather bored with knitting of late.  I have become bored, and I think I’ve reached the end of the line.  I’ve decided to give up knitting and take up a new hobby instead.

    a new hobby

    So…welcome to my all plastic canvas, all the time, crafting blog – complete with a new look!  I plan to explore all the ways that plastic canvas can be used to create lovely items for my home – everything from tissue holders to coasters to sewing machine covers.  It will be a great way to use up the yarn in my knitting stash!

  • 11Mar

    Okay, so my project today is not technically a WIP, but a FO…but I decided to share anyway since I stayed up very late last night finishing and washing them. I cast on for these late Monday night and finished the first sock easily. Then I was gone all day Tuesday and most of the evening as well. Knitting commenced madly on the second sock very very late in the evening. I stayed up until the wee small hours of this morning finishing and washing them to ensure they would be dry by this afternoon. It is rather hard to mail a wet pair of socks! These go out to a very new and very special expectant mother. Congratulations… 😉 (Okay, so I’m really not very good at keeping a secret!)

    Pattern: Garter Stripe Baby Socks by Jennifer Hoel [ravelry]

    Yarn: Alpaca With a Twist Socrates

    Needles: Size 1 DPN

  • 23Feb

    My LYS issued a sock challenge for 2009: Complete one pair of socks per month for the entire year. Of course I put my knitting game face on and got to work! I have successfully completed January (yes, I know they do not look finished in the picture, but really they are) and February, and even started my March socks. Fueled on by these successes, I am sure that Cookie A’s new sock book (due out in April – my husband preordered it for my birthday!) will help me remain motivated. My knitting goal for 2009 is to use yarn from my stash as much as possible in order to both save money and use what I already have. It is hard for me to resist impulse buying when it comes to yarn, especially sock and lace yarns (which is what comprises my stash). So I am on a yarn diet!

    I know that two months of the year are over, but I welcome other knitters who want to join me in downsizing their stash this year!