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    Good evening and happy Easter!  It was cold and snowy today, but we enjoyed spending the day at church and with family, then came home to spend the rest of the evening quietly together. I did take a bit of time to reflect on the wonder and miracle that makes this day so special to us who are Christians. To know that Jesus Christ died for my sins then rose again from the grave in triumph still strikes awe in me. He died for each and every one of us, in order to reconcile us with God. I hope those of you who read this can rejoice with me on this wondrous day!

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    My husband works in IT. A few months ago he found out that his department was going to be outsourced to another company. He was told that his options were to either transfer to the new company, find another position with his current employer, or resign. He decided to see what his options were, and began applying for jobs, both within his current employer and with other companies. He applied for several that he was more than qualified for, and for one that interested him but that he was underqualified for. He did not even expect a call about that one. Time went by and he did not get called for any interviews. Then the call came requesting an interview for the job that he had thought would never call…they wanted him to interview that same afternoon. So he went to the interview. They asked questions. He did not know the answers. He was honest with them and told them this was an area he was interested in getting into, but that he did not know a lot about it, and what he did know was self-taught. The told him that the questions they asked were about information he needed to know to perform the job. They offered him an opportunity: If they gave him two weeks to study, could he come back in and answer their questions? His first instinct was to say no, but he reminded himself that this was an interview and he should be positive. So he said yes. After work that day he went to Borders and purchased a book. He studied for two weeks. They called and requested another interview. Benjamin said he thought the interview went well. He was able to answer many of their questions, although not all of them. Others interviewed for the position as well, some with experience. We waited. My husband’s boss called the group that had interviewed him because she wanted to put in a good word for him. She found out that he was one of the final two contenders for the position. They were considering Benjamin and someone else who had experience. She was told that they were impressed with how much he had learned in a short time, so now they were looking at capacity vs. experience.

    A couple of weeks went by. Those in my husband’s department were told to contact HR to determine what their options were. My husband called HR and was told that he did not need to look at other options because they were going to make him an offer on the position he had interviewed for. The new position would normally pay about double what my husband currently makes, but nowhere else would he have a chance at the job without experience. The company’s policy is that the maximum pay increase in a job transfer is 15%. HR had submitted pay increase paperwork to the head North American office and was waiting for approval before they could offer him the job. So we waited some more…and we waited…and we waited. Finally we got the news: He got the job!!!! I am so proud of my husband and all of the effort he put forth. He will get a 21.5% pay increase and a sign on bonus!!!! And, instead of just a performance review in the spring, he will also get a salary review.

    It is amazing how God provides. We have been sitting on our adoption application during this time. We wanted to know where we stood financially and with his job before submitting our paperwork. Now our application submission is going to coincide with his quarterly bonus for the job he currently holds, which will pay the application fee. His sign on bonus, after taxes, will be what we need to cover the homestudy fee. God has provided amazingly already, and we are only just beginning our adoption journey.

    Also, during this waiting time, we have talked, researched, and prayed about the adoption. We have decided not to adopt an infant. I have struggled with the fact that there are so many waiting children that are being passed over for adoption because they are not babies. My husband, from the start, was talking about older children. After praying about it and discussing it, we decided to request a child aged 2-7.

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    Ladies Finishing School

    Elizabeth at A Merry Rose: Blooming as Keeper of My Home is hosting an online finishing school for ladies. I found the idea fascinating and plan to participate. The course will last 6-8 weeks and begin in June. There will be a number of teachers, each sharing their area of expertise with us.

    I think that this is such a timely issue. So many in our culture are lacking in manners. Rudeness and selfishness abound. It really does come down to our natural sinful self rearing it’s ugly head. While we can never live a completely sin-free life, showing forth consideration for others in thought, word, and deed can be a great way to let our light shine and be a good Christian witness to others.