• 22Apr

    I was well on my way to finishing my April socks when I got distracted by some yarn and had to cast on my May socks a bit early.  Oops.  I do plan to finish the April pair before the end of the week, that is if I can put the May ones down long enough.

    : : April Socks : :

    Kai-Mei socks from Sock Innovation, knitted with Yarn Chef Minestrone in Sedum [ravelry].  I love they way this yarn is dyed.  The colors are hard to capture in a photo, but these greens are exquisite – so cheerful and springy.

    : : May Socks : :

    Anastasia socks, knitted with Ancient Threads’ Sockittome in osage orange/cochineal/quebracho black [ravelry].  These sock reflect the colors I see in my neighborhood this spring…the colors of dogwoods, redbuds, and new spring leaves.

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  • 02Apr

    Ok, so I have not really decided to give up knitting. I also will never take up plastic canvas as an medium for my creative endeavors. April fool! You found me out. I really did not think anyone would buy that…but surprisingly, some of my real-life friends did! Too funny. Actually, I have two new projects on the needles, as well as a project I finished a week ago that only wants a sunny day to be photographed.

    The above project is my latest WIP: Miralda’s Triangular Shawl [ravelry]from Knitted Lace of Estonia.  This shawl is interesting in it’s construction.  It begins with the long v-shaped bottom edge and ends at the top center, so each row is progressively shorter than the previous one.  This is a nice change from the traditional grow-as-you-go method of knitting a triangular shawl.  I’ve chosen to use Lacy Lamb, a springy 3-ply cobweb weight merino, and it is lovely to work with.  The rusty orange color is a nice bright spot in my very gray and rainy day.

    I also recieved my very own copy of Sock Innovation yesteday!  Woo-hoo!  My husband preordered the book for me back in January as a birthday gift, and I have been looking forward to its arrival ever since.  Last night I promptly cast on my April socks using some lovely Yarn Chef minestrone from my stash.

    And for those who missed it…here’s what yesterday’s blog looked like:

    I am not exactly the pink-and-kitten type, for those who did not spot the incongruency immediately.  Nor am I the plastic canvas type (no offense intended for those who enjoy making tissue covers and such).  My real blog makeover is making it’s debut today with a springy new look!

  • 01Apr

    failed socks

    My March socks were less than a success.  I ended up with two wildly different sizes of socks.  Same pattern (Coming Up Roses – ravelry),  same yarn (Bambino – merino/bamboo/nylon), same needles (size 0 circs).  Same knitter.  I can only suppose that I had tension issues.  Or maybe it was the bamboo in the yarn.  Yes, that’s it, I’ll blame the bamboo.  One sock fits, the other does not…I suppose they could come in handy if I ever injure my foot and it becomes severely swollen.  I think I’ve decided to give up knitting.  It is rather depressing to spend time, energy, and money on something and not have it turn out.  And I’ve become rather bored with knitting of late.  I have become bored, and I think I’ve reached the end of the line.  I’ve decided to give up knitting and take up a new hobby instead.

    a new hobby

    So…welcome to my all plastic canvas, all the time, crafting blog – complete with a new look!  I plan to explore all the ways that plastic canvas can be used to create lovely items for my home – everything from tissue holders to coasters to sewing machine covers.  It will be a great way to use up the yarn in my knitting stash!