• 16Oct
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    Elizabeth at Pigtails and Snails is giving away a stunning autumn colored quilt. Take a bit of time to stop by and browse. Admire her photography and her quilts. I did.

  • 03Oct
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    It seems that fall has finally arrived! I am very glad for the cooler temperatures and crisp autumn nights. We are actually planning to light a fire in the fireplace this weekend! Remember my red sofa? Though I will be curled up on it and enjoying the fire, I have also decided that I need a nice throw to ward off the chill that is sure to come shortly. When I saw Amy Butler’s Brick Path quilt, I knew I just had to make it. I love the clean lines of the the design that will allow the fabrics to take center stage. I just need to find one more print….

    In celebration of the advent of autumn, I also purchased a new pair of shoes. Something about fall always makes me want new shoes. Maybe it is a lingering bit of nostalgia for the old back-to-school days when my mom would buy each of us a new pair of “school shoes.” I remember my favorites from first grade: a pair of navy blue mary janes with an eyelet pattern cut into the toe box. Ah, childhood…the biggest decisions I had to make back then was whether or not I should wear a jacket when playing outside after school…whether I wanted grape or wild cherry Kool-Aid…whether I wanted the glittery rainbow stickers or the iridescent teddy bear stickers. I would come inside from playing on the swing set with tousled hair, a Kool-Aid mustache, and my jacket hanging askew. Mom would clean off the red mustaches, brush our tangled hair (ouch!), then send us to hang up our jackets and wash our hands for dinner. What memories a pair of shoes brings brings to mind.

    This pair is sporty, and comfortable like a pair of sneakers, but so much cuter. They will be perfect for walking through the autumn leaves or chasing after kidlets. Oh, by the way…I got a new job caring for three kids part-time. This is to free up more time in my day so that I can spend more time sewing for my etsy shop. Grand reopening coming soon!

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  • 19Sep
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    I have been sewing almost daily for the past two weeks. I love, love, love my new machine! It is easy to use and has all of the nifty gadgets that make all the little details in sewing so easy to execute. I spoke before about my favorite foot, with its nifty 1/4″ guide, which gives me a perfect 1/4″ seam every time with no effort. I do not think I could mess it up if I tried. But I digress…enough about the wonders of my new sewing machine. Its time to talk about sewing now…well, almost.

    Our sweet little Sarah-cat (who really is not so sweet anymore) is old, sick, and loudly demanding. She has grown so small and thin, and we know it is just a matter of time before she is gone. She has some issues. One of these issues is pertaining to her…um…elimination practices. She manages to get near, or even halfway into, her litter box. But her business end is frequently outside the litter area. She does not seem to understand that even though her front paws are in the box, her rear ones are not. We have had to resort to puppy pads placed around the litter box, which my husband changes frequently. He is always looking for a plastic grocery bag to place the piddle pads in so he can take them out to the garbage can. I used to keep them all in a large Target bag on the back of the pantry door, but these were not really very easy to get to. Then I remembered a tutorial I saw a while back and a light bulb came on.

    So, back to sewing. I have a box that I keep all of my scraps in. I had bookmarked Dioramarama’s grocery bag dispenser tutorial quite a long time ago, but had never taken the time to actually make it. I realized when digging through my scraps that I had enough odds and ends of adequate size to put together my own bag dispenser. A short while later I had my very own sleeve hanging prettily on my pantry door, within easy reach.

  • 08Sep
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    …about my new sewing machine! A couple of years ago, I got my very first sewing machine and learned to sew. Since then, I have improved a great deal and even opened my very own Etsy shop last year. (Sadly, it is empty right now, but not for long!) After working for nine months at a Bernina dealer/quilting shop/yarn shop, I had begun to long for a better machine. After thinking about it and discussing it with my husband for several months, I bit the bullet and brought home a brand-new Bernina!!! I had planned on purchasing a lower model (the white pearl), but the owner of the shop gave me a deal that was just too good to pass up, and still allowed me to stay within budget. I am now the proud owner of an Aurora 430! I sewed on it over the weekend, and it is wonderful. The machine is not just for pleasure, though. I am using it to expand my selection in my Etsy shop. Soon it will be stocked with more of my knitting project bags, as well as some new designs I am working on. See that stack of fabrics on the back of the table (below)? Yes, the Heather Bailey ones…they will be making their way into the shop shortly!

    The new sewing machine has all sorts of features that I really like: The knee lift allows me to move my knee an inch or two in order to lift the foot from the fabric – great for pivoting or turning the fabric. I also love how smooth and quiet the machine is, especially compared to my old one. I think my favorite feature (today, anyway) is the #57 foot. It has a nifty guide on the edge that is perfect for piecing quilts with a 1/4″ seam allowance.

    So I am curious about those of you in blogland who sew: What is your favorite sewing machine feature?

  • 16Apr
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    I have emerged from hibernation and I am hoping that spring is finally here! The first buds of spring are gracing both our neighborhood and my sewing table at the moment. I am trying, rather unsuccessfully, to machine piece my first quilt. This is difficult for me, as I am used to having supreme control of matching up corners when I hand quilt. I can make those seams behave so well when sewing by hand. It all started about ten days ago. We got a new shipment of fabric at work and I simply could not resist, so I purchased the Dandelion Girl layer cake. I decided then and there that this would be the perfect batch of fabric for my first machine pieced quilt. I had already picked that pattern I wanted to do, so when I popped over to Tammy’s blog yesterday and saw her finished version it motivate me to get busy! I really want to make a disappearing nine patch, so I carefully cut the layer cake into charm squares, laid them all out on the floor in a pleasing fashion, then neatly stacked them up and put them away. I decided to practice first with the remaining squares. I have worked like a busy bee this afternoon and found that I still need lots of practice.