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    Quite a lot of cobwebs have gathered on this dusty site since I last posted.

    Maybe I should address any readers like I would a support group:
    “Hi. I’m Heather and it’s been 2 years, 5 months, and 25 days since my last post.”
    Hmmm. But what if I’m greeted with only chirping crickets, or worse – silence?

    So where have I been?
    Two years ago I decided to enroll at a local university to earn a bachelor’s degree in English literature. The hard work has paid off and I am nearly done (I graduate in August!!!), but I start a master’s program in August as well…. Yes, I really do enjoy torturing myself with long hours reading, researching, and writing.

    Although I deserted my blog, I have not abandoned my knitting, although my production has slowed considerably. Sometimes it stands completely still or even moves backwards. I was recently very proud of myself for finishing a pair of socks I started last December. How times have changed. Instead of finishing a pair per month, I’m now excited about completing a pair per year. Unlike some knitters (of whom I am quite envious!), I have not been able to master the technique of reading while knitting. I always seem to need a hand or two for holding pages open and writing notes. If I could only figure out a way to grow an extra set of arms, I think I could manage the whole knitting-while-reading-and-notetaking thing. Every mother I know also wishes for a spare pair of appendages, so if anyone can figure this out, it sounds like a good way to make a fortune.
    Maybe I should have chosen to study biology instead of literature.

    As for my knitting, my fingers have more work to fidget through than time available. I have all of my usual projects: lacy shawls, socks, etc., but a new batch of projects has soared to the top of my WIP (work in progress) list. My sister recently added to her family and gave me a new nephew. He came six weeks early, but he is doing very well. His arrival has ignited a frenzy of preemie knitting, and I have been happily cranking out preemie beanies for him and to donate to the NICU where he is staying.

    So here I go, casting on once more with my blog. It’s a WIP (work/writing in progress). I look forward to sharing my knitting (mis)adventures, projects, and other fiber-related anecdotes!

2 Comments to Sweeping away the cobwebs

  • I still have your blog in my feed reader so it was great to see your post pop up! I haven’t been blogging very faithfully this last year – maybe 1-3 times per month.

    The little beanie is adorable!

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