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    Life at our house has been crazy of late, leaving little time for blogging.  Today I am trying to take time to catch up on things I’ve neglected.  There has been knitting behind the scenes.  The shawl I meant to wear to my brother’s wedding is nearly finished.  I did not wear it to the wedding after all.  A week before the wedding, I tried on the dress I was planning to wear.  I had only worn it once and was looking forward to wearing it again…such a gorgeous dress!  However, I discovered the dress was now several sizes too big!  I lost some weight over the past year and never stopped to consider that the dress might not fit.  So, in a fit of shopping frenzy, I looked madly for a new dress.  (Anyone else have trouble finding clothes for small sized petites?)  I found one in the nick of time, but  since the shawl I was knitting did not match, I tossed the project aside.

    I am keeping up with my 12 Pairs in 12 Months sock challenge.  I finished my June socks on Monday.  I did footy socks, which means I had to knit two pairs to get credit.  Today, in a fit of inspiration, I got an idea for a sock pattern.  I charted a pattern, jotted down notes, then promptly cast on.  Details will be forthcoming when I actually have a knitted sock to show.  I am also planning baby knits…my little sister is having a girl!

    Today is also Benjamin & I’s 9th anniversary!!!  It is still hard for me to believe we have been married for nine years.  He is still my best friend and my favorite person to spend time with.  Our plans for tonight include dinner and a quiet evening at home.  We were at a gathering last night, and are spending time with family and friends the rest of the week, so an evening in sounds like a nice respite.

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