• 04Nov

    I did my patriotic duty today. I also took advantage of the free coffee from Starbucks for those who vote. Mmmm…Pike Place Blend hit the spot today.

    In other news, I just want to go on the record as saying that I have the best husband ever. Truly. He is so thoughtful and an all-around nice guy. (He even told me that I look cute with braces, although I feel like I am back in that awkward middle school stage once again – lol. I do not believe him, but I sure do love him for being so nice.) Last week he ordered this book for me. Yesterday he had a 40% off Borders coupon and brought home this one. He really does support my addictions hobbies. In return, I bought this for him last night because he had been wanting it. (with another 40% off coupon – I cannot get enough of those).

    Here are just a few projects from Seams to Me that piqued my interest…

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