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    It seems that fall has finally arrived! I am very glad for the cooler temperatures and crisp autumn nights. We are actually planning to light a fire in the fireplace this weekend! Remember my red sofa? Though I will be curled up on it and enjoying the fire, I have also decided that I need a nice throw to ward off the chill that is sure to come shortly. When I saw Amy Butler’s Brick Path quilt, I knew I just had to make it. I love the clean lines of the the design that will allow the fabrics to take center stage. I just need to find one more print….

    In celebration of the advent of autumn, I also purchased a new pair of shoes. Something about fall always makes me want new shoes. Maybe it is a lingering bit of nostalgia for the old back-to-school days when my mom would buy each of us a new pair of “school shoes.” I remember my favorites from first grade: a pair of navy blue mary janes with an eyelet pattern cut into the toe box. Ah, childhood…the biggest decisions I had to make back then was whether or not I should wear a jacket when playing outside after school…whether I wanted grape or wild cherry Kool-Aid…whether I wanted the glittery rainbow stickers or the iridescent teddy bear stickers. I would come inside from playing on the swing set with tousled hair, a Kool-Aid mustache, and my jacket hanging askew. Mom would clean off the red mustaches, brush our tangled hair (ouch!), then send us to hang up our jackets and wash our hands for dinner. What memories a pair of shoes brings brings to mind.

    This pair is sporty, and comfortable like a pair of sneakers, but so much cuter. They will be perfect for walking through the autumn leaves or chasing after kidlets. Oh, by the way…I got a new job caring for three kids part-time. This is to free up more time in my day so that I can spend more time sewing for my etsy shop. Grand reopening coming soon!

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  • Love the fabric and the pattern you’ve chosen! Have fun sewing! 🙂

    Those shoes are so cute! I need shoes now. 😀

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