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    …about my new sewing machine! A couple of years ago, I got my very first sewing machine and learned to sew. Since then, I have improved a great deal and even opened my very own Etsy shop last year. (Sadly, it is empty right now, but not for long!) After working for nine months at a Bernina dealer/quilting shop/yarn shop, I had begun to long for a better machine. After thinking about it and discussing it with my husband for several months, I bit the bullet and brought home a brand-new Bernina!!! I had planned on purchasing a lower model (the white pearl), but the owner of the shop gave me a deal that was just too good to pass up, and still allowed me to stay within budget. I am now the proud owner of an Aurora 430! I sewed on it over the weekend, and it is wonderful. The machine is not just for pleasure, though. I am using it to expand my selection in my Etsy shop. Soon it will be stocked with more of my knitting project bags, as well as some new designs I am working on. See that stack of fabrics on the back of the table (below)? Yes, the Heather Bailey ones…they will be making their way into the shop shortly!

    The new sewing machine has all sorts of features that I really like: The knee lift allows me to move my knee an inch or two in order to lift the foot from the fabric – great for pivoting or turning the fabric. I also love how smooth and quiet the machine is, especially compared to my old one. I think my favorite feature (today, anyway) is the #57 foot. It has a nifty guide on the edge that is perfect for piecing quilts with a 1/4″ seam allowance.

    So I am curious about those of you in blogland who sew: What is your favorite sewing machine feature?


7 Comments to I am so excited…

  • Oh, that IS exciting! I want (need?) a new sewing machine! My machine is from the 60’s. It has served me well, but I would love to have a newer machine with better features. I can’t wait to see your new sewing projects!

  • Oh, my mom has a Bernina and she swears there is nothing like it! I’m too novice to know the difference though. But, I’m starting to wish there were some things I could do that I can’t on my little machine.

    Love the new fabrics. I’ll have to come back and visit the shop in a while.

  • Oooh, how exciting. My mom had a Bernina 930 when I was growing up and she could still sell it for what she paid for it now. It’s a workhorse. I have sewed quite a bit on the old 801’s too. Thing is, most of the time you don’t need the fancy stuff. You need something that is reliable and has some power, i.e. will sew through thick fabrics and a zipper and piping, ya know? After I moved out, I got Mom’s old Singer Touch n’ Swear…er…Sew, traded that in for a Kenmore that stunk, and finally got myself a used Bernina 1130. We were young and didn’t have a lot of money and I agonized and prayed over that decision for days. It was awful. But I’m so glad I have it now. I love the knee control, the needle down stop and the edge stitch and stitch-in-the-ditch feet. Back then Bernina had books called “Feetures” that were great and told you about all the different feet. They probably have something similar now.

  • What a beautiful machine. The fabric is beautiful also. Well for me, I would say the greatest feature on my sewing machine is the auto-threader.

  • Oh my…this thing looks completely alien and scary to me. I bet my mom would love to play with it though! She still sews a bit. Unfortunately, I must not have inherited her talents. Congrats on your new machine Heather!!!

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