• 19Jul
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    Beware, instead, of the 19th of July. Last year on July 19th, a storm knocked out our power during a downpour on a hot summer day. The previous July 19th, a strong summer storm rendered us powerless for an entire week in 100+ degree heat. This year, rather than storms, floods, and power outages, we instead lost our water. Our entire town of more than 35,000 people lost water. According to the local news, the main pipe to the water tower burst around lunch time today. No word how long we will be without water. Aargh. It’s hot. We sweat glisten. I like showers.

    Update (Sunday morning): We now have water, just not much. It is brown. Ugh. Can one really get clean in a brown water shower? Eeeewwww. To shower, or not to shower, that is the question.


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