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    Hello and happy Friday! It has been a wild and crazy week here at Casa de Benjamin and Heather. In preparation for the arrival of our new furniture, I have been doing some very late spring cleaning…or maybe it is early fall cleaning. We needed to shift furniture around in other rooms so that the chairs from the living room could be relocated. We talked about donating our old couch, but I was so busy with work that I forgot to call and arrange for it. Last night the guys carried it out to the curb and I put a “free sofa” sign on it. (We figured if it did not disappear by noon, then I could call the charity.) This morning a woman came by asking about it. She knew someone who was struggling financially and could really use the couch. She asked me if I would hold it for until this afternoon when she could get a truck. I said sure, and she was so excited she hugged me. Poor woman; I was still in my pajamas because I was doing some last minute floor cleaning before I showered. Who knew so much dust could build up under furniture?

    So…our new furniture was finally delivered today and it is VERY RED. I love it! Here are a couple of early pictures. I still have to put the area rug back out and accessorize. And remove the tags (but I wanted to wait until my hubby got home and saw the furniture before doing this).

    Wow…I just realized how cluttered the top of the entertainment center looks. I guess it is time for some reorganizing up there. It is above my eye level, so I often miss things up there. It has become the perfect place for my husband to hide a remote control or DVD from me. Maybe if I can ever get the glass shelves for the sides of the cabinet, then I can move some of the clutter! Hmmm…always more projects. 😉

    This week also brought news that I actually won something. I can count on two fingers the number of times that I have won things. One of my sisters used to win things all the time. She was the one who also found money everywhere…on the street corner, in the pay phone…. Anyway, I won a yard of fabric from Sew, Mama, Sew in last week’s Free Fabric Friday giveaway. I chose one of Anna Maria Horner’s Garden Party prints – centerpiece in turquoise:

    If you love gorgeous fabrics, you must stop by Old Red Barn Co. and check out the Ginger Blossom quilt they are giving away! I think this would be the perfect quilt to compliment my new sofa. Gorgeous!

    I also want to apologize for the blog malfunction that occurred yesterday. My husband applied some bandaids, but my template was lost. He was able to restore most of my content. There will be changes coming in the future (hopefully) as I search for a new template. I am completely blog design ignorant, so I must rely on the design genius of others. I have yet to find a template I really like. (Except those on other people’s blogs, of course!) Oh…and the yarn pictured at the top? Another fabulous yarn from the lovely Yarn Chef. Her yarns are good enough to eat! The particular one shown is Creme Brulee (50% merino wool/50% tussah silk) in Polished Sapphires. It is destined to become a Lyra shawl.


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