• 15Jul

    I enjoy knitting lace in the summer. When our midwestern temperatures climb and the humidity becomes unbearable, air conditioners blast frigid air to combat the heat. I find that lace shawls work very well for warding off the chill of overeager air conditioning in church, a restaurant, or the movie theater. I usually carry one in my handbag, ready for the chill. Over the weekend, my Laminaria shawl made an appearance at the movie theater, while during a previous weekend my Spring Things shawl made an appearance at church.

    Spring Things

    The Spring Things shawl was a very easy knit. It took me only two weeks to actually knit, but it was on my needles for three because I had to wait for the beads to arrive. And the beads…I love the beads. I love this color yellow, but I really do not wear it very well. Beads were the perfect solution! I did make modifications with regard to needle size and pattern repeats, which are detailed on Ravelry, along with more pictures.

    I enjoyed this project so much that I immediately cast on for another.

    Summer Things

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