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    I have not spoken about our adoption for quite some time now. Originally, my husband and I had decided to adopt from China. Last fall, as the waiting times for China were growing ever longer and the approaching Olympics were forcasted to slow the process even more, we began tossing around ideas for other countries to consider. We strongly considered Ukraine. But then my dear hubby began thinking about the increased expense, the fact that he is a student and loans would come due next summer, and considering that we plan for me to me a stay-at-home-mom…well, he started to get anxious about the money factor. So we discussed it some more. He pointed out that there are children here at home, as well as abroad, who are in need of families. It would also put a lot less financial pressure on us to adopt domestically. We prayed about it and decided to pursue a domestic infant adoption. We researched local agencies, since we no longer needed the expensive international agency. (Hint: US adoption and China adoption costs were virtually the same.) We found a local agency we were comfortable with, met with our social worker, and began the and paperwork process…although we were slow in doing it. We were fingerprinted and completed most of our required training.

    We were both excited that we would be adopting an infant, rather than a toddler. I had accepted the fact that we would not have a biological child, and I was okay with that. I did not think it was at all likely, and I had ceased even to think about it.

    Then the surprise happened: I recently found out that I am pregnant!!!!!

    Nobody was more amazed than me, except perhaps my husband. After I told him, he surprised me with a dozen gorgeous red and gold roses. We are putting the adoption on hold for now. We do still plan to adopt in the future, but it is rather hard right now to be picked by an expectant mother when I myself and expecting. 😉

    I would appreciate prayers, however, because I have been put on bed rest by my doctor. I hope it is not a repeat of the last time I was pregnant (six weeks of bed rest, and I lost the baby), and I am trying to be optimistic. I am awaiting test results, and praying that everything is alright. More than anything, my husband and I want this to be a healthy full-term baby. I know that it is in God’s hands, and his sovereign plan will prevail.

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8 Comments to Family News

  • How exciting!! Congratulations! I do hope and pray everything goes well for you. I was just recently wondering where you were in the adoption process, since you hadn’t talked about it in awhile! 🙂

  • Oh my heavens! Congratulations, and of course I will pray for you and your baby! (Your post gave me chills, by the way.)

  • hi! i stumbled on your site through pioneer woman 🙂 what an amazing testimony in your blog. we have a ministry at our church for adoption, so i’ve heard a lot about it. i will be praying for you and this little one! God is good!

  • Wonderful news! We serve an amazing God. I can only imagine how awful bed rest is, but I’m so glad your Dr. is being careful. Have a great week. Call me anytime. Joy

  • Congratulations on such wonderful and unexpected news!

    Children are truly a joy- no matter how they become a part of our families.

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