• 23Apr
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    crabapple blossoms

    Spring has certainly arrived, as evidenced by the blossoms on my crabapple tree. I planted it three years ago, and each spring I am pleased to see it growing and sprouting new branches.  I am enjoying the weather and all of the beautiful flowers and trees that are now in full bloom.  I feel like I spend the whole of winter just waiting for spring. Now my husband and I are in full summer-vacation-planning mode!  We have decided to go to Canada this summer and are now busy with planning dates and getting our passports in order.  On the itinerary so far are a visit to my sister in Indiana on our way up to Ontario.  We will spend time in London visiting a friend of my husband’s and also make our way to Niagara Falls.  When my husband first had the idea he was trying to convince me to go along with it.  The way he chose to convince me?  An email detailing knitting shops in and around London, Ontario.  Lol.

    In other news…we are doing well after our earthquake scare and only having mostly imperceptible aftershocks.  I say mostly because while I may not notice them, one of my cats certainly seems to.  He goes a little crazy meowing and running about the house in a frenzy.


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  • Glad to hear you all are okay after that quake. We heard about it on the news out here! My family is okay too. Enjoy your vacation!!!! And your crabapple flowers are gorgeous! How do you get such beautiful pictures??? WOW!!!

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