• 16Apr
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    I have emerged from hibernation and I am hoping that spring is finally here! The first buds of spring are gracing both our neighborhood and my sewing table at the moment. I am trying, rather unsuccessfully, to machine piece my first quilt. This is difficult for me, as I am used to having supreme control of matching up corners when I hand quilt. I can make those seams behave so well when sewing by hand. It all started about ten days ago. We got a new shipment of fabric at work and I simply could not resist, so I purchased the Dandelion Girl layer cake. I decided then and there that this would be the perfect batch of fabric for my first machine pieced quilt. I had already picked that pattern I wanted to do, so when I popped over to Tammy’s blog yesterday and saw her finished version it motivate me to get busy! I really want to make a disappearing nine patch, so I carefully cut the layer cake into charm squares, laid them all out on the floor in a pleasing fashion, then neatly stacked them up and put them away. I decided to practice first with the remaining squares. I have worked like a busy bee this afternoon and found that I still need lots of practice.


3 Comments to Emerging

  • Hmmm. All of a sudden I have this urge to make a quilt. I’ve never had that urge before. Oh, no, look what you started…

  • What beautiful fabric! I love it!

    I have a tip for you, take it or leave it. 😉 While you’re sewing the nine-patches together, back stitch along the seam where you’ll be cutting. I found that my seams were coming apart when I was cutting them for the disappearing act. LOL So I started backstitching, and that solved that problem!

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