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    …a great combination for my feet, but not so great for the part of me that longs for spring breezes, sunshine, green grass, and fresh flowers.

    It is amazing how much can change in 48 hours. We have had cold weather, ice, and snow for weeks. Finally we got a break on Saturday when we had a nice 60 degree day. Then on Sunday we got a little taste of spring when the temperature reached 75 degrees! But it was too good to be true. Yesterday the temp began dropping. Today the temperatures are back in the 20s. We received ice first, and now snow.  Grumble, grumble. I am so glad my husband decided to work from home today.  All of the major interstates running through St. Louis have been jammed all day long.  Some people have been stuck on the jammed highways for four or more hours.  The newscasters talk about traffic speeds at feet per hour, rather than miles per hour, and say the wait for a tow truck in the event of an accident is about four hours.  I am ready for winter to be over.  It does not help that my sister taunted me with an email today stating that she was in Alabama wearing a T-shirt and flip flops. Hmmm. Since I cannot have spring weather outside yet, I decided to put a cheery template on my blog and warm hand knitted socks on my feet. Maybe I can pretend it is warm and sunny outside.
    Now…I will answer all the questions I posed about socks and sock knitting!

    My favorite sock yarns are those made from superwash merino wool that both looks nice and wears well. I especially like Sunnyside Ellen’s sock yarn (as seen on my jaywalkers and my sea monkeys), Mama Blue’s yarn (as seen on my Loksins!) and Louet Gems fingering weight (as seen on my stripey socks). I like only fingering weight yarns for my socks; anything heavier is not practical to wear with my shoes.

    As for colors…I love color, so sometimes it is hard to rein myself in when it comes to socks. I prefer to wear colors that are practical for work and that match my pants: dark blues, charcoal, black, brown, beige, etc. I do like some striping and variegated yarns, but I am picky. When I am doing an intricate pattern I prefer solids or semi-solids.

    Needles…I will knit with either DPNs or two circulars, but I prefer to use circs. If I have two separate balls of yarn, I will knit two socks at once; otherwise I will knit them one at a time on two circs. When using DPNs, my favorite ones are Crystal Palace. ChiaoGoo are not to bad in a pinch. Addi Turbos win hands-down in the circular needle category. I almost always knit with size 1 needles, but sometimes I use size 0.

    When I first learned to knit socks, I learned on size 2 DPNs. My sister and I took the class together and we both learned quickly. I have smaller feet than most women, so I quickly switched to size 1 instead. My sister still prefers size 2.

    I did have a reason for asking all of those questions. I am now teaching all of the knitting classes at the shop where I work. The previous sock instructor used size 5 DPNs and worsted weight yarn. I have contemplated using size 2 DPNs and regular sock yarn for this class. I want to say thanks to everyone who answered my lengthy list of questions, I really appreciate the input!

2 Comments to Winter weather and hand knitted socks…

  • Well, I am not a knitter, but I always enjoy looking at your beautiful projects. Where are the pictures this time, by the way?

    The freeze/thaw weather business is driving me crazy too. We are more north than you (I think) so it’s colder her, but we’ve also been alternating between rain and snow which makes for some very treacherous driving.

  • We are having the exact same weather here in Ohio. After spending most of last month with my sister in CA (where it is decidedly spring), coming home to a dragging winter isn’t much fun. Hopefully we only have a couple more weeks of this because I am really excited to get my early spring veggies in the garden.

    If you get some good spring- like weather, please send it on 🙂

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