• 26Feb
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    syrian shawl

    …we tend to like the same kinds of things. I called my sister today. I miss her since she moved away to another state with her new hubby. (Ah…young love!) We talked about all things sisterly, which – of course! – included knitting. I gave her a bit of ribbing about not updating her ravelry. I have been wanting to see the shawl she finished weeks ago, but she had not taken pictures of it yet. So the project sat as a pictureless wip (work-in-progress). She told me she had started another shawl and was nearly finished with it. Guess what? I started the same shawl recently, but had not added it to my ravelry. After all…who has time for picture taking? I finally found the time and added it yesterday. So…two states apart two sisters are knitting the same shawl simultaneously, unbeknownst to one another. Well, almost simultaneously. She has a bit more free time and is a faster knitter than I; she will finish first. I was just amused that even though we are far apart, our knitting minds still think alike.

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  • I just talked to my sis last night and she had rented the same movie as I did. We were both planning on watching it when we got off the phone. Too weird, isn’t it?

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