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    Today is my birthday…to which I say a very non emotional woo-hoo. Not much happy in the birthday. I credit this to my ever ticking biological clock and our still empty nest. My increasing age is an ever present reminder that if we plan to raise children before we retire we should hurry up and do so. So, in order to cheer myself up, I am going to give YOU a present! (I always enjoy giving presents more than receiving them.) I am going to give one lucky reader one of my little boxy bags. This one is chocolate brown and blue, one of my favorite combinations. To be entered into the drawing all you have to do is leave a comment. You could share a humorous story, an embarrassing moment, a kind word, or just say hello! I will leave the comments open until midnight (CST) Friday night, then announce the lucky winner’s name on Saturday. Only one entry per person, please.


18 Comments to Birthday Present

  • Oh, WE get presents for YOUR birthday?! Count me in! I love your bags!

    And a very, very happy birthday to you. I hope you’re out having a lovely dinner right now!

  • Hello Heather. I hope you’re out having fun on your birthday right now! I’m going to show the girls and guys at school the bags you make. 🙂 Don’t worry, I won’t show them the nermal one.

  • Happiest Birthday wishes to you this evening! I come by here often…to view your latest sewing, knitting, or cooking activities.

  • Happy birthday!
    my 5 yr old will be six…in april. she has her entire party planned and is counting the days.
    birthdays used to be soo much fun! i hope your birthday is as wonderous as a 5 yr old can imagine!

  • Well, Happy 27th…….again. 😉

    Glad to hear you are choosing not to stay down. I told your husband a humorous(sp) story about how our friends found out about a surprise after his ‘snip snip’ operation. All will turn out well with you guys. Keep the Faith.

    P.S. We like bags

  • Happy Birthday Heather!

    I am a member of Benjamin’s Fontbonne Options class and also a member of his study group. Benjamin talks about you all the time and I feel like I already know you. I think your bags are really neat and I have told Benjamin to bring them in to the class so that he can show everyone. Your site is very charming and you have some very interesting topics and recipes for the perfect coffee! I think you should welcome the new year and celebrate being able to receive the many blessings that will come forth this year. I can understand your empty nest delima but soon it will be filled and you will appreciate the gift of having a child to raise because of your strong faith, efforts and determination. All things happen in the Lord’s time so you can relax and be faithful. Have a wonderful day!

    Cassie Campbell

  • Happy birthday, Heather. My daughter’s birthday is today (1/17.) We know many families including my best friend that have/are traveling down the international adoption road. It’s long and grueling, I know. Hang in there!

    I love your bags, especially this one.

  • Happy Birthday!!!!!!!! Birthdays have ssemed to lose their charm for most of us a we increase in age. But try to have a wonderful Birthday, I have a frend who belives that Birthdays last all week, go with that thought.

  • Hi there. Found you through Rachael’s blog – how fortuitous that I find you are a knitter AND giving away presents! Happy Happy Birthday! Have you joined the “infertile myrtles” group on Ravelry – nice bunch of gals. I’ll be back!

  • Happy Birthday. Enjoy your blog! At our home, we “all” believe that you have Birthday WEEK! 🙂 It’s more fun. Your bags are adorable. It’s a sweet contest.
    Happy Birthday Week!


    I love your bags too!! You do such beautiful work! !!
    …vera who 🙂

    We have been blessed to have two beautiful daughters and our oldest is turning 12 soon and her favorite color combo is the same BLUE AND BROWN 🙂 I know she would love it 🙂

    Peace, love and birthday blessings,

  • Well Happy Birthday to you!! My birthday is sneaking up on me next month. Enjoy your birthday and good luck on your upcoming adoption.