• 15Jan
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    I am now awake and out of hibernation.  It has been a busy few weeks here at Casa de  Heather.  Many things have transpired, including quitting my old job, Christmas, my brother got engaged (congrats, Mark & Gretchen!),  I started a new job, my favorite uncle passed away suddenly, my newly married baby sister moved away with her new husband, and we had out of town guests at our house last week.  I have not even taken time to complete any knitting or sewing projects until today.

    I am back on track and plan to blog regularly this year!  It is also my intent to do more sewing.  Working in a shop that sells fabric is hard – every day I see fabric that I want to bring home with me!  Today I pulled out my sewing machine and I hope to have new items in the shop soon.   I also have something special planned for tomorrow, so be sure to stop by and check it out!


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