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    Our house has been a flurry of activity over the past couple of weeks! I am trying to simultaneously finish my last days at my current job, finish up the last-minute Christmas shopping, finish some Christmas knitting and sewing, and hoping for some time to do Christmas baking as well! I must say that I do love doing my shopping on the internet. It is so much quicker and easier than braving the crowds of humbug-ers in the stores. Unfortunately the portion of shopping that I have left does involve stores. I will also be knitting in all of my spare time, and when I finish that I can begin sewing. I am determined to be done before Christmas Eve so that I can just relax and enjoy the holiday.

    After Christmas, my wonderful friend Julie is coming to visit! Julie and I went to college together, and worked together in the dining hall on campus, along with her husband-to-be. She and I also lived in the same dorm. I remember conversations enjoyed over a cup of tea, trips to the mall, even a trip or two to the beach. She was a bridesmaid in my wedding and even caught the bouquet! The last time I saw her was five years ago at her own wedding. She will be traveling from Illinois to her home in Florida after Christmas and will be stopping by for a short visit! I cannot wait to see her again!

    I hope that all your Christmas preparations are going well, and that you are able to take some time and reflect on the miraculous birth of Christ, the Son of God who lead a perfect life, died as a punishment for our sin, and rose again in victory over death. God’s wonderful love for us in sending his perfect son Jesus to be our substitute is the best gift one could ever receive.


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