• 06Dec
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    We are getting our first bit of winter precipitation in the form of wintry mix – a blend of rain, sleet, and snow.  Bits of ice and snow have begun to accumulate in the grass and on car windows, and the streets are growing slicker by the minute.  My husband built a large fire and we will stay inside tonight, cozy and warm, enjoying the flickering flames.  The snow and ice will continue until after midnight tonight, but sadly will probably just turn to rain sometime tomorrow.  We will have to keep waiting for our bare brown trees and dead dry grass to transform into a winter wonderland.  Because it is time for a change, I decided to add snowflakes to my blog header to welcome the winter season.  It just seemed a wee bit too cold for flowers and butterflies.

    My husband also added a link to my Ravelry page over on the sidebar, so those of you who use Ravelry can easily find me there!


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