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    Fall has finally arrived, bringing along the familiar chill and windy days. The leaves here are now in their full autumn splendor. Each year as the days grow shorter and cooler, I always go into comfort food cooking mode. Last week I made homemade chicken soup while my hubby was under the weather. We enjoyed some of it, and I froze the rest to be used at a later time in the winter. I am sure I will like that if either of us catches a nasty winter bug. I also made Kelli’s wonderful Pumpkin Gingerbread. If you have not tried the recipe yet, you really should! I first saw it last fall, and never took the opportunity to make it until now. Since it is just the two of us, I cut the recipe in half and made only one loaf…but when adding the spices I forgot to halve the ginger. I love ginger, so this just made the loaf even better.

    Last year I posted recipes for some favorite comfort foods: Shepherd’s Pie (my husband’s favorite meal), Friendship Tea (hubby’s favorite drink – are you noticing a trend here?), and my very own Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookies, all of which I plan to make this week. I hope my waistline does not expand too much over the holidays, but I am really looking forward to the Thanksgiving feast this year!

    My current knitting project is the Wool Peddler’s Shawl from Folk Shawls. I was inspired by Kirsten’s version and just had to make one!

    *Update:  The link to my Shepherd’s Pie recipe was incorrect.  I fixed the problem and now it links to the correct recipe. 


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