• 24Oct
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    I eagerly started knitting up the honeybee stole with the gorgeous yarn I received from yarnchef. This yarn is truly wonderful to knit with. I am just not sure this yarn and this pattern were meant for one another. It is not as clear in the picture as in person, but I am having some pooling problems. The yarn is nicely variegated on the ends of the pattern, but the pooling creates stripes in the center. The pattern has both petite and tall sizes, and I have enough yardage to knit the petite size. In order to try and remedy the pooling/striping problem, I cast on the greater number of stitches required for the larger shawl, but on smaller needles. This made the pooling problem even worse. Then ends of the shawl were solid blocks of the lighter color, and the center was solid dark brown.So here is my dilemma: Do I continue knitting and ignore the pooling, or do I frog the project, use a different yarn for the honeybee stole, and try using this yarn for the leaf lace shawl (and hope the triangle shaping eliminates the pooling)?  Sometimes being a perfectionist is so hard!

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  • You probably made your decision by now, and I wonder if you frogged. Hard decision, but I would try for leaves with this varigated yarn.

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