• 22Oct
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    I want to thank those of you who voted on a shawl pattern. You unanimously chose the Honeybee Stole. I fell in love with the pattern the first time I saw it and it is the pattern that I had planned to knit up next. I requested a very difficult-to-duplicate yarn from Katy, the yarnchef. She was not able to reproduce her previous colorway (she did offer to try again) but I still liked the result, although I was not sure if it was a good fit for the Honeybee or not. All of you who voted seemed to think it was, so I am going to try it. The yarn arrived today – it is absolutely gorgeous and perfect for fall. It is a 50/50 merino wool/silk blend and feels luxuriously soft and silky. I cannot stop touching it. The other yarn pictured is merino wool in her Overcast colorway. I cannot say enough good things about her wonderful yarns. I have never been disappointed by anything I have ordered from her.

    In other knitting news, I finished my beaded icarus over the weekend during a long car trip and it is now ready to be blocked. I hope to get that done in the next day or so, and then I will share pics.

    Speaking of our weekend trip, my hubby and I went with his family to Branson, MO. Normally we enjoy these trips, but this time we were both relieved to get back home. Branson was super crowded due to the popular music & crafts festival at Silver Dollar City and an antique show. If you mix together too many people, too much traffic, a father-in-law who verbalizes his stress level when driving in said traffic, and eight family members who each have their own agenda for the weekend, you get too many people with too many places to go in too short of a time for a relaxing weekend. I did not take any pictures this time, but I did get a few things I was looking for at reasonable prices at the outlet malls. Autumn arrived in our absence (finally!) and now the leaves are starting to change color. I am glad to be home in the quiet of our own house with our very comfortable bed to sleep in. Our peaceful home is a nice reprieve after a very hectic trip.

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