• 18Oct
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    I just ordered this yummy yarn from the fabulous yarnchef and I plan to make a shawl with it.  (Please follow the link for pics…in my excitement I am trying to choose the pattern before I have actually received the yarn, so I have no pics of my own to post yet.)  Now I cannot decide which shawl to make.  Here are the candidates:

    Honeybee Stole


    Please cast your vote and help me decide!

6 Comments to I need your help!

  • I favor the honeybee stole (seems to go with the yarn best), but BOTH patterns are gorgeous, and I love the yarn you’ve picked out! Have fun knitting, whatever pattern you choose!

  • I vote for the Honeybee Stole as well, although they are both beautiful. I always have trouble deciding between patterns when I get new yarn as well. Happy knitting!

  • I couldn’t choose. I’m impressed that you could make either — they both look hard. Are you going to share the finished product?

  • Thanks for the votes so far! Hubby & I are away for the weekend, so I will probably leave the poll up until Monday.

    Rachael – Of course I will share the finished shawl…and probably some of the progress along the way. Neither shawl looks too awfully difficult to me, but lace and socks are my favorite things to knit. Some of the shawls I have done previously can be seen in my Finished Ojects category.

    Have a great weekend!


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