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    Randi reminded me today that there are 75 days until Christmas! After the extended summer temperatures (90+ degrees and humid!) we have had for the past month, it really does not feel like the Christmas season is approaching. We have only had real fall weather since yesterday, and I want to enjoy that for a bit before jumping into the flurry of holiday activities. I have to confess, though, that I have already begun my shopping. I find it is easier to buy a gift or two a week than to purchase everything all at once, and easier on the budget. I am already annoyed by the decorations that made their appearance over Labor Day weekend in some stores, as well as the visa commercial I saw last night that encouraged unlimited spending for gifts. I am rather tired of the ever earlier displays and all of the commercialism associated with the holiday. I think that Christmas decor and promotion should definitely wait until after Halloween, preferably until the middle of November. Thanksgiving week would be nice. At the college I attended there was even a rule in the dorms that Christmas music not be played until after Thanksgiving, as it had a tendency to make the freshmen homesick!

    As for the shopping and spending mania, I prefer a simpler approach. We never go into debt for Christmas. If it is not in the bank, we do not spend it. Some years this has required us to spend less on gift than we may like, but we know we need to keep our priorities in order. With a little creativity, I can still get someone a nice or useful gift without spending a lot of money. I guess I learned this from my family when I was young. While we received nice gifts as a child, it was never about how much money my parents spent. Since there were six children in the family, sometimes money was really tight. Sometimes we were encouraged to make a list of thinks we wanted, but we never got everything on the list, usually just a couple of items. There were always the necessary things like clothes and underwear, as well as a couple of toys, and usually a larger whole-family gift. Picking out and giving gifts is one of my favorite parts of Christmas. In the past, I have tried handmade gifts, but they are not universally appreciated. This year I am looking for creative and economical alternatives to the commercialism that is so pervasive. I plan to shop quite a bit the internet, as it can save time and money and also helps me not to be drawn in to the hype in the stores. Etsy will probably be a good place to start…

    …And speaking of Etsy, I have a couple more bags available in the shop.




3 Comments to Tis the Season?

  • I agree, I hate the commercialism of Christmas! Why do I need to be bombarded with Christmas decorations, gifts, etc. with every store I walk into…in August and September?

    We never go into debt for Christmas presents either. It is the thought that counts, not the cost!

    LOVE those two bags!

  • I have to confess, I’m a procrastinator when it comes to Christmas shopping. Every year, I vow to do better, but so far this year, I haven’t even begun to think about what to buy.

    I do think the gift giving gets out of hand. Like you, I would much prefer to receive a thoughtful, carefully selected inexpensive gift than something I could just go buy for myself.

    I’m doing some shopping on etsy for sure this year too! I might even buy some of your bags…I LOVE them. I esp. love the surprise of a different fabric in the lining. I just have to think about what I’d use it for or who’d use it. (Wish I knitted).

  • Rachael, my bags also make great cosmetic cases. I gave one to my sister for her birthday (she does not knit) and she loved it. My brother responded by requesting a larger version as a shaving bag (as long as I substitute a manly fabric), and my dad let me know precisely what measurements he would want for his. Lol, I guess they are giving Christmas hints!

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