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    One Chicago suburb wants you to stop and smell the roses…or stop in the name of love. Whatever the reason, they just want you to stop and have installed an interesting set of stop signs in order to get your attention.

    Read more of the story and see more signs here.

    Picture taken from www.foxnews.com


4 Comments to Stop and Smell the Roses

  • I just found your website through Wendy’s (Knit & Tonic). Your bags are very nice… I’ll be back to get one soon. 🙂

  • I read about that in the Chicago Sun Times (which we get over here in Michigan). At first I thought maybe you took that picture and happened to live in that town. It’s kind of an interesting use of city dollars…but cute nonetheless!

  • My husband works for a news company and always manages to pass along interesting stories. If my town started posting signs like this, I would not be too thrilled because I know there are much better uses for our tax money. But it is a creative idea, and it just may work…or just draw gawkers.

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