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    Everybody remembers their first time.

    The first time I rode a bike without training wheels I was eight years old (yes, I know I was older than most). My six year old sister had learned, and I was not about to be left in the dust, so I demanded that the training wheels be removed. One skinned knee later and I was riding that orange Sundance bike with the banana seat and the flowered basket.


    The first time I cooked a whole dinner by myself I was twelve, and it was a disaster. At that time there were five of us children and my mom was sick in the hospital. After spending the day switching my six week old sister over to formula, washing diapers (we used cloth), and taking care of my four siblings on that hot July day, my dad came home tired and sweaty from a day of work. That is when I realized that I needed to cook dinner or there would be none. Not sure what to do, I pulled chicken breasts from the freezer, cooked them in the microwave (this was the 80s, when dinner could always be microwaved), and served it with (microwaved) applesauce and green beans (on the stove, the way mama taught me). I was trying to do my best, but my dad had had a rough day, was stressed about my mom being sick, and was was used to her good cooking. He asked “What is this?” as he poked the unseasoned, over cooked, and rubbery microwaved chicken breast. I answered that it was chicken. He was unimpressed. I mentioned that I even had cake for dessert (also microwaved….I am glad they took those off the market.) He sighed and ate what he could in silence. Nobody enjoyed dinner that night. We kids enjoyed the microwaved cake…if I remember it was confetti cake with artificial strawberry icing.


    Anyway, enough of the tangents. Today I had another first time: my first time ever sewing something on my sewing machine that actually turned out!!!! I had been eyeing some of the sock pouches available in an Etsy shop, but not really finding one that appealed to me. So, yesterday I pulled out some Amy Butler fabric, then went to the fabric shop for interfacing, lining material, ribbon, and a zipper, and voila! I have my very own sock pouch. This was the first time I ever tried to put in a zipper, and it was easier than I had expected. I even sewed nice french seams on the inside of the pouch so that I would look more finished…and to think that two days ago I did not even know what a french seam was. Lol. I did forget to put some little zipper pull tabs on it, though. I guess I will try that next time. I think I will also alter the dimensions a bit to make it a bit shorter and wider.


    I would love to hear stories about your first time accomplishing something you found rewarding.


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  • Wow! It turned out great!

    I looked at the shop you posted, and I’m assuming by “sock pouch”, you mean that it is to carry your sock knitting in?

  • Tammy, I am sorry for being so cryptic! Yes, the pouch is for carrying my sock knitting…or lace knitting…or whatever small knitting project I can fit into it. It is actually roomier than it appears in the pictures. The finished dimensions are 7x4x4.

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