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    Sarah-kitty Update

    My little Sarah-cat still has ambulation problems, but she is able to get where she wants to go. Unless she goes down the basement stairs…she is unable to get back up and cries at the bottom to be carried up. Still blind in one eye, she often bumps into walls, but no longer has trouble finding her food bowl. She used to have to circle it three or four times before could find it with her face. The insistent meowing episodes continue, however, and I hope that stops soon. She wants more attention than I have time to give her during the day when I am working. Today she tried crawling under my desk at least a dozen times, getting tangled in my legs, or the wires, or stepping on my foot pedals that control the audio files I was transcribing, and basically making a nuisance of herself. Poor little kitty girl, all she wants is a little love.


    The Craziness Continues

    On Tuesday two weeks ago (8/14), I had a doctor’s appointment for my shoulder. Physical therapy did not help me very much, and the pain was still interfering with my work. I went in for my follow up appointment and ended up getting a steroid shot in the shoulder. Wow…those hurt! I had never had an injection like that before and I was not prepared for the pain to get worse, rather than better. Now, over a week later, I do have relief from most of the pain. I do think the added pain was worth it, however, because after some time the injection did help and now I am able to be more productive.

    It was trash day, so when I arrived home from the doctor’s office I noted that the garbage had been picked up and the empty cans needed to be put back in their place, but I had my hands full and decided to take care of it in a bit. Then the phone rang, and rang again. Forgetting about the trash cans, I kept busy in the house. Then, several hours later, I looked out the window and realized the cans were not at the curb anymore. The lids were still lying there, but not the cans. So, I braved the 100+ degree heat and went looking for them. I walked around the entire house. I walked down the street. No luck. Sweating, I came back into the house and called the police. Yes, trash cans are very trivial items to report to the police. But two weeks prior, on a Monday morning while I was at physical therapy, our gas grill was stolen. This was the second time something was missing in two weeks.

    With that taken care of, I resumed working. After finally finishing, I left to run it to my drop off point. While cruising down the highway at 65 miles an hour and still getting passed by semi trucks like I was standing still, my car died. It just stopped running. I coasted to the shoulder, called my insurance company for towing, called a family member to pick me up, and waited in the 96 degree heat for the tow.

    My car’s timing belt was broken and the repairs were estimated to be $800-1500.  The car had become a money pit over the past several months, so we decided to purchase a new car, and donate our old one to charity.  The problem was the government only gives  $500 tax credit for the donation, and my husband also needed a new car.  Before my car broke down, his was the one we were planning to replace first.  We realized that we would benefit more to pay for repairs on my dead car and use both that and his car as trades for a new car for him.  After all was said and done the  repairs were expensive, but were able to trade it for more than the cost of repairs, and my husband also has a new car.

    Wow…I am a little stressed now.  In a week we went from having two totally paid for cars to having two car payments.  I am thinking that I may have to go out and get a different job that pays more in order to help with the adoption.  This is so difficult to me, because when I worked full time outside my home before I was always exhausted at the end of the day.  I never felt like cooking, much less cleaning.  I find it hard enough to keep up with everything while working part time from home.  I am trying not to become discouraged, but it is difficult some days.


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  • (((Hugs))) It seems like everything comes at once, doesn’t it? Enjoy your new cars! I know exactly how you feel about full time work…which is WHY I just quit my job. I think the money saved from eating out and conveniences because I’m so tired all the time, and less stress are worth the trade of less income!

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