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    It has been a very busy week!

    Nice Matters Award

    First, I have to thank Tammy again for awarding me a Nice Matters Award. I was both humbled and surprised to have been a recipient. Part of accepting this award includes awarding it to others. There are quite a number of blogs that I love to read, and I wish I could pass the award on to each one of them. I have chosen:

    Anna, Anna Maria, Nan, and Randi.

    EDIT:  I have to thank Randi for this award also!  It seems we were both nominating one another unawares!


    One Sick Kitty


    Sarah, one of our Devon kitties, is not doing so well. On Saturday morning she had a stroke that has left her partially disabled. She is now blind in one eye and has right sided weakness, which causes her right front leg to buckle and her back leg to drag, but she can walk. She cannot navigate stairs, but last night she surprised me by jumping up onto the couch. The poor little thing still gets confused, sometimes bumps into walls, and often will meow continuously for an entire morning or evening, and nothing will placate her. Sadly, there is nothing the vet can do for her. She may or may not regain her sight or motor skills, but it is good for her to be as mobile as possible.



5 Comments to Where do I begin…? (Part 1)

  • Congratulations on your award. I came over from Randi’s blog. I just couldn’t resist the title for your blog. I love knitting! Hope you don’t mind if I drop by from time to time.

  • Your kitty is a cutie! I am glad to hear that she is jumping up on the couch–that is a great sign!

    How funny that we nominated each other. I guess that great minds think alike, eh? 😉

  • She’s really cute!! Sorry she’s not feeling too well. Have you ever tried feeding her (and all your kitties!) raw cat food? I switched my two cats over and it has worked wonders for them!!! One of my cats (the Persian) had REALLY bad teeth, and both of them were always throwing up. Well, the Persians teeth are great now, and so are both their tummies. They are much more active AND affectionate!! (that’s saying a lot, they were always sweet.) I currently use Prowl, from The Honest Kitchen, and have also made my own raw cat food at home. They love it either way. ( P.S. I feed my dog raw too. She is SUPER healthy. Since switching my vet bills have gone WAY down.) Good luck with the cute kitties!!

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