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    raspberry mocha

    Since I talked about coffee yesterday, today I thought I would share my morning cuppa with you. Today I am sipping a delicious raspberry mocha prepared with Starbucks Terraza coffee beans (I think this is my favorite blend ever…so smooth.) The other secret ingredient that makes it so good (besides the chocolate) is that glass bottle with orange writing in the background: Farm Fresh milk in a glass bottle. For all of you city folks who have never had it, you have no idea what you are missing. I have been drinking this since I was a kid. The dairy it comes from is less than 75 miles from where I live. When I got married and lived in St. Louis for a couple of years it was one of the things I missed most. Milk in a glass bottle is cold, much colder than the paper carton or plastic jug variety. It also does not take on any of the flavors of the container like milk in a plastic jug does, and it stays fresher longer. Another cool perk? The store I purchase it from is a mere two blocks from my house and there is a 10ยข refund for each bottle I return.

    Okay…so here is how to make the perfect raspberry mocha: First, grind your beans until they are like coarse sand and place them in the filter cup of your espresso machine. Next, add cold filtered water to the reservoir. Start the machine. While waiting for the espresso to brew, measure out 1/2-2/3 cup very cold milk into a small pyrex measuring cup or stainless steel pitcher and set aside. Then add 2 tsp. flavored syrup and 3 tsp. chocolate syrup to the bottom of your coffee mug. By this time, your expresso should be half brewed and it should be time to steam your milk. Foam milk (keep steam spigot near the surface of milk, as heated milk will not foam) until it is doubled in volume. Then place steam spigot deeper into the coffee until hot. You can use one of those nifty latte thermometers or just do it by touch – be careful not to burn yourself, though! After steaming your milk, let your espresso finish brewing. Pour the coffee into the mug and stir well to mix the syrup with the coffee. Add milk, then use a spoon to top with foam. (The process sounds long, but after a bit of practice it really only takes about five minutes or so from start to finish.) Garnish with cocoa or cinnamon and… voila! Now, sit back and savor a nice long sip!


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