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    I am 65% Addicted to Coffee

    My morning coffee regimen includes grinding the beans myself and preparing a nice strong cappucino or latte. I do not have an expensive espresso machine – mine was actually given to my husband about ten years ago when a family member upgraded to a more upscale model. I have found that good quality coffee beans and the correct ratio of milk to espresso contribute more to the taste than an expensive machine. I like syrups, but use them sparingly as I do not like my coffee very sweet. Making my own at home saves me in time, money, and gas to drive over to my local Starbucks, so this is a great way to enjoy my coffee and save money.

    How do you like your coffee?


1 Comment to Coffee Addiction

  • Oh Heather…this blog tempted my tastebuds. Ever since my second son was born, I’ve been a coffee addict. (I NEEDED the caffeine to function!) We too grind our own Starbucks beans for a fresh brewed cup every morning. However, now that Im pregnant Im trying to avoid too much caffeine, but its so darn hard! Especially now that McDonald’s has their new iced coffees-and there’s always a McD’s on every corner to tempt me. (Have you tried them? Not as good as Starbucks, but not as pricey either!)

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