• 20Jul
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    Wow…ten days without a blog post.  I have not intentionally been MIA, and I have plenty to blog about, but I have been dealing with a rotator cuff injury that is aggravated by typing.  Physical therapy has been painful, but I do think it is helping.  The best thing I have done for my shoulder is to limit my typing as much as possible.

    I had a flashback yesterday.  We had a thunderstorm late yesterday afternoon that knocked out our power.  Exactly one year ago to the day we had a storm that took out our power for a whole week in 100+ degree weather.  Yesterday when the power went off, my immediate thought was uh-oh…

    My husband and I immediately went to survey our basement.  We had been through this last year, and it flooded twice while the power was out.  The sump pump well was full of water, but it could not be pumped out because there was no power.  We bought a generator last year just to operate the sump pump with should this ever happen.  But we have never even removed it from the box, as we have not encountered a need for it.  Before operating, it needs oil and gas; gas we keep on hand for the lawn mower, but we were out of oil.  Plus, it was a torrential downpour, and we did not think it was safe to operate outside during the storm.  First we prayed, then we began to bail out the water.   I bailed into large buckets and my husband emptied them as fast as I could fill them.  We did not flood!  Our kind next door neighbor came when the rain slowed and brought his generator.  He volunteered to pump out our flooded driveway.  He and my husband were joking that by the time they were done pumping the water the power would come back on.  Guess what?  Just when they were finishing the lights came on!  After the last two power outages (last summer and then again in the winter during an ice storm), we were happy that the outage only lasted a couple of hours this time.  I never remember the power going out this many times in my life….


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