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    pearl prima

    I have talked before about my infatuation with shoes. I like shoes as much as the next woman, but I get extra excited because I did not grow into an adult size until I turned 30…so I have a lot of catching up to do. I have heard a lot of people rave about Crocs, but frankly I thought they were ugly and unflattering. And being petite, I have a particular fondness for heels so anything that does not elevate me at least a bit isĀ  quickly vetoed.

    Then I was looking for some comfy around-the-house shoes and I stumbled upon (believe it or not) some cute Crocs. I ordered a pair of these today. I desperately wanted the peacock blue pair, or maybe even the ruby red ones, but they were out of stock in my size so I settled for the pearl pair. I am curious about how well I will or will not like them. I also am considering this stylish pair in the future if I am happy with the ones I ordered.

    Have you tried Crocs? What about some of their newer styles? Are you a fan? I am interested in feedback!


5 Comments to To Croc or Not to Croc

  • I thought Crocs were the ugliest things possible when they first came out, but now I want a pair of Mary Jane Crocs for gardening. They are kind of expensive, so I haven’t gone for it yet. But someday I will get a pair!

  • my hubby ran alot of track decades ago 9heehee) and his feet would hurt alot, especially after he broke a bone in his foot playing football. the crocs have been a huge lifesaver. he dosent hurt, and i dont have to listen to the “whine” that guys have. i have not yet tried any. but the mary janes and the patra are tempting. they run big too, in the guys shoes. both my hubby and my brother have to order a size down

  • Because I had read about the sizing issues, I was glad to see they had a pdf file on their website that I could print off to measure for correct sizing. I will find out whether or not it was helpful when my shoes arrive.

  • My husband has a pair and he just adores them. I have a pair of knock off’s since they didn’t have my size at the store, and they are even comfy. They are goofy-looking, but an acceptable goofy-looking. I highly recommend them. We do a lot of outdoor stuff, and they are great for that, you can get them wet or dirty and you just wash them with soap and water!

  • I have the mary jane style and I love them. I saw the sassari while I was in Asia. I love the black and white color. But I didn’t buy them, because DH was telling me I had too many shoes! Darn it. Now I want the sasari.

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