• 22Jun
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    second sock

    My quilt has been dissassembled and is in the process of being reassembled. However, I have a very sore shoulder…whether from sleeping on it wrong or from the evening I spent ripping out the seams in the quilt, I am not sure. So I have decided to push past my second sock syndrome and complete the mate to the footlet I knitted a couple of weeks ago. Maybe this will give my shoulder enough of a break that I can finish piecing my quilt after the weekend. I am hoping the pain in my left shoulder is not coming from gripping the fabric with my left hand as I sew with my right hand.

    In other news…my husband’s company picnic is tomorrow and we are looking forward to enjoying some free food and time at the park with friends.  I hope the fare is barbeque again – last year’s food was fantastic.


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