• 14Jun
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    Have you had enough of the Pop Tarts and their trampy ways? I definately have and so, it appears, has America.

    Manners and etiquette have become quite popular subjects of late, probably as a backlash to all of the tacky and trashy escapades that these Hollywood starlets have made headlines with. During the past couple of weeks I have encountered numerous articles on the topic. Later this month Elizabeth at The Merry Rose will begin hosting an online finishing school and she has been addressing etiquette issues for the past several weeks. Tomorrow night, TLC is airing a new series called Mind Your Manners hosted by Clinton Kelly (of What Not to Wear) and some etiquette experts. (I have already cued it up on my Tivo.) Coming this fall will be Donald Trump’s new reality show Lady or a Tramp.

    I grew up thinking that I was taught good manners. My husband’s family has excellent manners. When I compare his family with mine, I see a definate difference. I know that I have room for improvement and I am looking forward to some of these upcoming events that will shine the spotlight on manners. Actually, when it really comes down to it, I think that good manners can pretty much be accomplished by practicing The Golden Rule and treating others with love and in the manner in which you would like to be treated. Basically, it is practicing selflessness rather than selfishness.


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