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    Well, I tried to make the apron…but things are not going exactly as I planned. I am rather new to machine sewing, and sometimes I try to do something I really do not know how to do. Maybe it is because I decided I really did not need a pattern and I could make up my own. Maybe it is because I am so used to doing everything by hand. I am not quite sure, but there is only so much seam ripping I am willing to do before I get frustrated. So for now the apron has returned to the workbasket for a bit of a break.

    I have been bitten by the sewing bug though. When I put the apron down, I picked up some hand quilting that has been waiting in the wings unfinished. I was not really inspired to work on it, however, because it has a Christmas/winter theme. When I broke my needle threader last night (I cannot thread those tiny #12 hand quilting needles without it!) I decided I had to make a trip to the quilting store today for another. I had a lovely long chat with the owner of the shop, as I had not seen her in a while. While I was there I also could not resist peeking at the wonderful fabrics in the shop. Once I spied the vintage inspired fabrics, I could not resist taking some home with me…about half a dozen, to be exact. The colors provoked some nostalgia in me – these were the colors of my bedroom as a girl. I plan to make a lap quilt entirely by hand…I even designed the pattern myself, although it’s frightfully simple. Today has been quite a profitable day: I went shoping, picked fabric, came home and designed a quilt pattern, washed the fabric, and now it is tumbling in the dryer. I guess I should get some real work done today.


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