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    Two projects are in the works and both of them proudly flaunt the color yellow – and I never considered myself a yellow person. (I am neither cowardly nor jaundiced.) I do, however, have wonderful memory associations with the color yellow. Afterall, I was born in the 70s when yellow and goldenrod reigned supreme, along with orange and green.

    First I have a partially finished object to share: Padded Footlets (minus the padded) from Interweave Knits, summer 2005. I say partially finished because I have finished exactly one sock, and since I am not one-legged I have another still to be cast on. My errant needle has found it’s way back home, so I will probably wait to cast on the other sock until I am finished with my Cherry Leaf shawl.


    I have really enjoyed all of the apron ogling going on at the Apronpalooza, and have decided to sew an apron of my own. I rummaged through my (very small) fabric stash and decided that these April Cornell fabrics would make a wonderful apron. I think the yellow one will take center stage as the skirt of the apron, and the other two will make nice accents. Or I might make it reversible with yellow on one side and blue on the other with the melon for trim. I really am not sure…the details are still a bit fuzzy.


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