• 29May
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    Remember when I said I hoped to finish my cherry leaf shawl by the end of the week? Well, that is not going to happen. As my mother used to tell me, “Never count your chickens until they’ve hatched.” (I guess I was counting my chickens a bit early on that one.) I was knitting merrily along with a friend over the weekend, and making a bit of progress. However, I was distracted by a late night and lots of laughter and one of my needles managed to escape from my project bag and remained at her house. So yesterday a new project was born. This one will keep me busy until my prodigal needle makes its way back home.

    EDIT: In his comment to this post, my husband reminded me that Sarah, our cat, really is a chicken…

3 Comments to Hatching Chickens and Prodigal Needles

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