• 26May
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    For at least a week now I have felt that this shawl is moving too slowly. This is probably because I chose to use smaller needles than the pattern requested, and therefore I had to do more pattern repeats. I am making some progress, however, because I am finally working on the border. This progress comes after several false starts. I did not really like the edging shown in the book and I looked for something different. I tried several different ones, but was not happy with any of them. I was hesitant to try some of the wider ones because I did not want to run short of yarn. After scouring the internet and looking at other versions of the same shawl, I discovered that the edging pattern in the book did not match the picture. So, after trying four other edgings, I reverted back and decided to use the original edging.  The detail of it is not readily evident in the above picture, but once it is blocked the pattern will be more evident.  Now I just lament that waste of time…I could have been that much closer to being finished. Ideally I would like to finish the shawl over the holiday weekend, but realistically I am aiming for the end of the week.

7 Comments to Knitting in Slow Motion

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