• 10May
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    Today we officially begin our “paperwork pregnancy.” We had received approval of our pre-application a couple of weeks ago and we have been eagerly waiting for our formal application package. The agency’s satellite office in our area is just opening, and we had to wait until they were officially through with all of the licensing/red tape, etc. before they could issue our application. Well, today it came in the mail! There is a whole mountain of paperwork just waiting for us to dive in. There are some basic questions like you would find on any application for a job, loan, mortgage, etc…but most of the packet seems to be essay questions. Questions about how my husband and I met, our personalities, our marriage, our childhood, our families…you get the idea. I am a bit overwhelmed at the moment because I know that each answer will be carefully analyzed, but I am also excited because this brings us another step closer to brining our daughter home.


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  • Congrats on a step toward your new love! My sister adopted just 11 months ago…you have love for this beautiful new life even before you see their sweet little face!

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