• 29Apr
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    Nihao means “hello” in Mandarin, the most commonly spoken Chinese dialect. Benjamin and I decided that since we are adopting a Chinese daughter and going to China, that it would be a good opportunity to learn Chinese! We found a great website called ChinesePod, which lets you download Chinese lessons to your iPod along with printouts containing vocabulary and pronunciation to accompany each lesson. There are various levels of lessons: Newbie, Elementary, Intermediate, Upper Intermediate, Advanced. Right now we have started with “newbie” and have found it to be quite a lot of fun! We are using the free trial for now, and we are contemplating a subscription when that runs out.


2 Comments to Nihao!

  • Nihao?
    Wo hen hao, ni ma? (I’m good, you?)

    That’s great that you are learning Chinese. I would love to learn, but Mom didn’t teach me much when I was a kid. I watch Chinese movies a lot, so I pick up Mandarin languages time to time.

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