• 22Apr
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    With my husband’s help, my blog got a new look today! I am still trying to iron out the kinks (like the sidebar being at the bottom of the page when viewed with Internet Explorer but not other browsers like Firefox or Safari), so please bear with me. Not having the date and time stamp on each post will take a bit of getting used to. You still can comment, though…just click on the title of the post and the comment option pops up at the end of the post. Hopefully I will get all of the bugs sorted out soon.

    I do love the colors though, they are so bright and springy!

    Edit:  The comment button is now available at the bottom of the post, thanks to my husband’s altering of the code.  I merely mentioned to him that I wished it was there and he fixed it lickety-split.  Aren’t husbands wonderful? 

2 Comments to New Look

  • It looks really nice! I cam on earlier today, and it didn’t load properly, the text wasn’t appearing, the picture at the top didn’t show up, etc. But now it’s all there! =)

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