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    sleeping Dex

    Dex is now well on his way to recovery.  We took him to the vet on Wednesday for a check up and to have his stitches removed.  The vet said he finally thought Dex was out of the woods and would fully recover.  This week he has ventured out and been more social.  Last week we had him sequestered in the bathroom (albeit with the door open so he was free to come out if he wanted) where he had his water and litter box nearby; I could close the door to administer medicine and food and he could not escape.  On Easter Sunday he began to purr when petted, and by Monday he was exploring the house and trying to hop up on lower pieces of furniture.  After we brought him home from the vet on Wednesday, he developed a cold within a few hours.  So now he has claimed the blue fleece pictured above and wants constant petting from us.  He has become quite the little “mama’s boy” but that’s okay because he is such a sweet little cat.  My husband snapped this picture as he was leaving for work this morning.  You can see the areas where they shaved Dex’s fur on his stomach and paw.  I am such a softie…and Dex is pretty good at milking this.  I think he is even getting a bit spoiled.  😉


2 Comments to Progress Report: Dex

  • That was what I saw as I was leaving for work this morning. I couldn’t resist. I grabbed the camera and snapped a couple of shots, transferred them to the computer, and did a really quick touch up job to brighten the colors a bit. I’m glad you thought it was blog worthy! 😉

  • What a cute, sweet little boy! Look at that cute little pink tummy! He looks just like my poor little kitty did when I brought her home from her needle and thread surgery. I’m so glad he’s getting better and is out of the woods! Good news!

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