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    melon shawl

    lace detail

    swallowtail detail

    I received a comment last week asking what I wear my shawls with.  I have been very slow in responding, so I apologize.  Rather than just responding via email, I thought this topic would make a good post, especially considering how popular shawl knitting has become. 

    I usually pair my shawls with either a matching outfit (ex: my rusty orange melon shawl with a rusty colored top, or my blue-green spring shawl with a green or turquoise top) a contrasting outfit (ex: my white swallowtail shawl with a black top and dark denim skirt, or the rusty orange melon shawl with an olive green top), or a neutral outfit (ex: any colored shawl with a crisp white top and khakis or dark denim).  Currently I have only three shawls, but I have plans to knit about four more.  Lol. 

    When in doubt about whether a shawl will compliment your outfit, think of it as a sweater.  Would you wear that color of sweater with that outfit?  Or think of it as an accessory.  In today’s fashion, it is quite popular to add a beaded necklace or a pair of shoes in a contrasting shade to the outfit you are wearing.  Would you wear an accessory in this color with the outfit you are wearing? 

    Have fun with your shawls!  Use a bright color to punch-up a dreary or neutral colored outfit.  Use a neutral shawl to contrast with brights or a matching shawl for color cohesiveness.  (Just remember…if you mix too many different colors together, you may look like a clown.  If you use too many neutrals, your outfit may be uninteresting and lack a focal point.)

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