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    kitties in the windowI have good news:  Dex is doing better.  We were quite worried for a couple of days, as was the vet.  Dex had refused to eat, so the vet wanted to see him.  He was also collecting fluid in his abdomen.  The vet aspirated some of the fluid to check for infection, blood, or food particles that could have leaked from his digestive system.  All three were negative.  Our instructions were to force feed him every four hours.  Lucky us.  Have you ever seen any of the movies about Helen Keller?  Remember the scene where her new teacher, Annie Sullivan, is trying to make her eat her eggs with a spoon and fold her napkin?  Remember the ensuing battle/foodfight?  That is what forcefeeding Dex was like.  Fill syringe, immobilize cat, force mouth open, squirt food in mouth….Clean food off floor (wall, ceiling, myself, cat’s fur…insert any place you can think of), refill syringe, immobilize cat again, and repeat.  After 24 hours of that we returned to the vet for another check up.  They checked the fluid in his abdomen again…still looking good, and no food ended up outside his digestive tract, which was excellent news.  The vet was afraid there was so much damage to his intestines that the tissue may die.  If this happened, food would leak out of his intestinal tract and into his abdomen.  He could not remove the damaged part, because it encompased the entire intestinal tract, something the cat cannot survive without.  The worst case scenario would be that we would have to put him to sleep. 

    So, that was yesterday.  Since then he has done a “number two” in the litter box. (yay! food is moving in the proper direction and making it through!)  He is also a bit more active.  Instead of sleeping in his cat carrier (his preferred place to be of late) and never leaving it, he has ventured forth into the main areas of the house and even settled himself in his cat bed this evening for several hours.  He also is not happy about eating yet, but he is not as combative as he was a day or two ago about taking his food and medicine.  He looks more like himself and is less groggy.  After I fed him tonight, he even crawled up into my lap for cuddles.  What he seems to like best right now is being bathed.  He has been rather stinky since we brought him home (I think he tinkled on himself either before or after the surgery).  He does not like being dirty, but cannot groom himself quite yet.  I wish I could just give him a good bath, but that has to wait until his wound heals.  So, every time I feed him, I follow it up with a warm wet washcloth over his fur.  This cleans him up from where he may have dribbled food or medicine on himself, signals that the feeding is officially over, and I think he likes the feeling of being groomed.  He is definately doing better!  Thanks to everyone who said a prayer for my poor sick little cat.  We go back to the vet in the morning for another check up.  (That will make 5 out of 6 days at the vet this week – it has been a long week!)

    And in my knitting news…there has not been a lot of knitting going on lately, just a little.  I am currently working on another swallowtail shawl, this time for my husband’s grandmother for her birthday.  I did not want to do the extra repeats like I did last time, so I increased the needle size in order to make the shawl larger.  I hope it turns out okay and the detail of the pattern is not lost by doing this.  It is hard to tell before blocking.  I will post pictures when I am further along.


4 Comments to Good News!

  • I am so glad that Dex is getting better ; aern’t they a worry ? I read about the lady who helped you out , how amazing and kind of her, it restores you faith that there are some good folk in this world.I hope he makes a speedy recovery.
    We don’t have cats now but we do two minature schnauzers and we love them as if they were our children. Skye our youngest had a major life threatening op last year and so I totally understand what you are going through. that is the only downside of owning pets but I could not imagine life without them ; they give uncoditional love .

  • I happened to visit your blog through the VLT KAL and I felt so sorry for your cat ! Now I came back to check if he was doing better and luckily he was ! I am glad he is a litlle better now and continues to recover.
    Please tell him that all the way in the Netherlands people have been thinking about him….

  • So glad to hear the good news about your Dex! Hopefully things will be back to normal in no time:) Will look forward to seeing another one of your lovely shawls.

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