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    Dex and SarahWe brought Mister Dex home last night.  He is one sick little kitty.  He is very lethargic, even with the pain medicine.  He has gotten up twice to use his litter box, but it seems to be quite an effort for him, though the box is shallow and only steps from his bed.  The vet is still concerned, and we have to watch him very closely for the next several days.  There was some damage done to his intestines, and the vet is worried that this damage may not heal properly.  I offered Dex some very watered down food this morning as suggested by the vet, but he was not interested in it yet.  Actually, he was adamantly against it.  When I put it near him, he let out a howl.  The kind of howl that for him is a flat out refusal.  Poor kitty.  We are glad to have him home.  I could not sleep last night.  I kept waking up every hour or two to check on him.  He lies in his bed, not moving except when necessary.  He does seem to enjoy some gentle scratching and petting, but he is not inclined to purr at this time.  Sarah-cat avoids him completely.  She will make a wide detour around his bed whenever she has to enter the same room where he is resting.  She did get close to him once, took a tentative sniff, and quickly trotted away. 

    I will keep nursing him, and praying for him, and hope that he will pull through this thing yet.  It is very difficult for me to watch him suffer.  It is difficult for me to watch any person or animal suffer…it just tears me up emotionally.


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  • Kitties don’t like it when their friends come back from the vet, they have all sorts of weird smells on them, especially from surgery. Once he gets those smells off him, Sarah-kitty will like him again. That’s how my kitties were when The Cat Who Swallowed The Needle And Thread came home from surgery. They kept their distance. But within about 2 or 3 days, all was normal again. And he probably won’t want to eat for a while either, mine sure didn’t. One thing I noticed, she didn’t want to bend over to drink water or eat, but when I held the bowl up so she could eat and drink sitting up, she did. Maybe try that? But maybe you’ve thought about all this stuff already. LOL Anyway, here’s hoping and praying Dex has a speedy recovery. Keep us posted.

  • Heather, I just read you ordeal about Mister Dex.praying for you,Ben and Dex. praise the Lord for that dear lady! what an answer to prayer. Judy Karen

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