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    DexMy husband and I have two devon rex cats.  Dex, our male cat, became ill over the weekend.  He laid around, vomited a number of times, and refused to eat.  He cried if I tried to even pick him up.  At first, I thought he had some type of stomach bug.  I became increasingly more concerned, and this morning I found out he had a bowel obstruction.  He evidently ate a very long piece of yarn, and was not able to expel it.  I rushed him to the vet this morning where they did x-rays and told me how severe the problem was.  The doctor suggested surgery, but the price of that is quite high.  Due to circumstances, the cost was beyond our means at this time.  It was very difficult to discuss this with my husband, and then tell the doctor that we could not proceed with the surgery.  He said he would sedate Dex and try to see if he could dislodge the yarn nonsurgically without rupturing his intestine.  My husband and I have both been praying about the situation.  We are quite attached to our cats, and our cats are quite attached to one another.

    I received a phone call from the vet.  The procedure was not successful.  My husband and I were aware that this might be the outcome and we might have to put our cat to sleep.  It is very hard to take.  But the vet offered us some hope:  One of the girls who works at the office is friends with an elderly lady.  This elderly lady is wealthy and is not able to “get out and do much” but she likes to help in ways she can.  She has volunteered to pay for Dex’s surgery.  When the vet told me this, I was beyond words.  Benjamin and I had prayed, but we knew his outlook was rather bleak.  So, this lady whom we do not know is paying for our cat to have surgery for a life threatening illness.  Wow.  God provided a means when we had none.  We are talking about how we can thank this woman enough.  My husband suggested knitting a shawl for her….


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  • Oh my gosh! Your story brought tears to my eyes (I’m just as big of an animal lover)! What a wonderful lady she is, talk about having the greatest Karma in the world! I know how you feel though, my kitty swallowed a needle and thread a few years ago, yes, you read it right a needle and thread. The vet said it’s quite common. Anyway, it was tough for me financially, about $800, but when I looked at my daughter who was crying her eyes out over the whole thing, I had to do it. It killed me in the pocketbook, but the tears . . . So, oh dear, I know how you feel. Let me know how he does!

    And I bet you she’d love one of your beautiful lace shawls! I wonder just how many people think to do something for her when she does something like that? I think it would be very admirable of you.


  • I visited your blog to comment on your lovely melon shawl, which is on my to-knit list, but then I read about your kitty! I hope all goes well.

  • I’m so glad Dex made it through! A shawl would be a wonderful gift, what an answer to prayer.

  • Just saw the above post. I’m not an animal lover myself, but I think it is awesome how God provided for you and your pet! It shows how much God cares about the things we care about!

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