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    crabapple bloomsI returned from Washington, DC last week only to find that spring had arrived in my absence.  The day before we left it was snowing large lofty flakes that looked more like falling feathers than snowflakes.  They melted as soon as they touch the ground, but it was snowing nonetheless.  Just a few days later, we came home to sunny 70s, and by the end of the week it was in the 80s and pushing 90.  This week, so far, it has stayed in the 80-90 degree range the entire time.  I think we bypassed spring and went directly to summer!  My husband took me to dinner last night at Cracker Barrel, and I was really glad I had brought my newest knitted shawl along.  It helped me fend off the icy blast of air conditioning!

    And now for something completely different….

    My husband is a musician.  He started playing violin when he was 3.  He also plays classical guitar, trumpet, piano, mandolin, and cello, among others.  He passed along to me some interesting musical videos that I would like to share.  Check them out!

    Greg Patillo, flute:  Inspector Gadget and Peter and the Wolf

    Alex Depue, violin:  Owner of a Lonely Heart


1 Comment to Is it Spring or Summer?

  • What an awesome lunch today! It was great to get to know you guys better and WOW what lovely work you have. Drop me an email, you can be my tatting tutor 🙂 I love it!

    See you soon. – Beth

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